Fan Diagnostics Tool

Select the issue you are having with your fan:

The fan won’t turn on at all!

This includes the following: The fan lights and the fan itself don’t work, just the lights don’t work (one or more of them), and just the fan doesn’t work.

My fan wobbles!

A wobbling fan is an annoying fan. Don’t deal with the noise, fix it!

The fan is noisy, but not wobbling

Many things can cause a fan to make extra, unwanted noise. Most of the time it can be fixed.

The pull chain is broken/doesn’t work

If your fan doesn’t come with a remote the only way to control the fans settings is a pull chain, but they can be replaced/fixed very easily.

The various speed settings aren’t working

The issue here is probably the fan’s capacitor, which is relatively easy to replace.

My fan won’t reverse!

In the summer you have your fan running normally, but in winter you want it on reverse to help regulate temperature.

My fan turns on and off by itself

Whether it be frayed wiring or somebody else’s remote signals, learn to deal with this issue.

My fan runs, but doesn’t provide good airflow

Air flow problems with your fan can come from the direction you have it going and the settings you have it on. Usually these are very simple to solve.

My fan remote isn’t working

Fan remotes exist to make operating a ceiling fan more flexible and easier; so it can be super annoying to operate a ceiling fan that was made to work with a remote, without the remote.

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