pull chain is broken/doesn’t work

Often times the pull chain on your fan is the only way you can control the various speeds and light settings of your fan, so it makes it hard to use a fan without a pull chain.

The only real solution to issues with your pull chain is just to replace the pull chain itself. Pull chains are built into the fan, so in order to replace one you have to do the following:

  1. Turn off the power to the fan.
  2. Open the fan housing and take off the light kit.
  3. Remove the old switch connected to the pull chain by unscrewing the wire nut it is connected to and pulling it out.
  4. Put the new switch with pull chain into the ceiling fan, twist it with the same wires the old switch was connected to, and put the wire nut on the wires.
  5. Put the fan housing back together.
  6. Use a wire nut to connect the new switch to all of the wires attached to the lights.
  7. Put the nut that came with the pull chain over the pull chain to fasten it to the fan.
  8. Put the light kit back on.
  9. If you have anything decorative to hook onto your pull chain, attach it and you’re done.

See the process in action:

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